This page has been migrated to so consider this a stale copy as of 24th of Mars 2012 -Zarutian This page is intended for one of our RepRap implementations - Prusa Mendel.

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Full partlist:

Visual instructions:

Flickr assembly walkthrough:

Current shopping lists: Edit


  • Pennar filt /kúlu
  • Nál / tvinni
  • límband / ductape
  • demmel cutter
  • coathangers
  • plywood 10 mm thick for the Platform

Makerbot store: Edit

  • 2x pack of 8 skate bearings
  • 3x stepper motor driver
  • 1x Mechanical endstop kit
  • 4x Nema17 steppers

Digikey: Edit

  • adf


  • 1 cheap Nema17 spare
  • Lots of header connectors and pins
  • Pin crimper

Mc Master

Parts we needEdit

  • Molex 09-50-3041 connectors (a bunch, at least 10)
  • Molex 08-52-0072 connector crimp pin (a whole bunch, maybe 100)
  • Cable splitter for stepper control signal
  • Ribbon cable
  • Belts (T5 pitch 5 mm wide, at least 3 meters in length)
  • Timing belt pulleys
  • Breadboard male pin crimping connectors

Parts we might wantEdit

  • Pillow block slider bearings
  • Normal bushing bearings

Parts Joe will be gettingEdit

  • Anti Static Mat(s)
  • Label Printer
  • 4x Nema 17 Stepper motors ( )
  • Stacking headers for Arduino shields ( trial one of SAM1202-06-ND - get more from Ada)
    • Molex C-grid SLs

Parts that we are getting from Makerbot (Gummi)Edit

  • 2x 8 pack of 8mm ID, 22mm OD and are 7mm thick. 608 type bearings for $5 each.
  • 3x Stepper Motor Driver v3.3 for $39 each
  • 1x Mechanical Endstop v1.2 (Set of 3) for $30